Insights & Analysis on the State of ERP in Australia.

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ERP software is the backbone of many organisations, managing important processes throughout the entire enterprise. As part of our inaugural State of ERP survey, we sought to find out more about the state of ERP systems within the major projects industry in Australia.

What's in the report:

  • An introduction to ERP in 'the cloud'.
  • Analysis on the current status of ERP systems in Australia, including major roadblocks and challenges.
  • Findings on ERP systems maturity and 'cloud readiness' within participant organisations.
  • Insights on the future of ERP systems and the ways in which organisations plan to improve their systems.
  • Closing insights and analysis by Prescience Technology’s CEO, Loretta Bayliss. 

The Future of ERP

Find out more about the cutting edge technology that will dominate the ERP landscape in the future, including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, the Internet of Things, and how companies plan to tackle cloud adoption.

ERP Systems Maturity

Find out how Australian companies rate their level of ERP systems maturity, what their major roadblocks and challenges are and how they plan to improve their systems.

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